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Cofradía de la Santísima Trinidad

The Catholic faith has ben very strong in Northern New Mexico for hundreds of years.  In the history of our church there were times when Catholic priests were in very short supply or just not available. In 1884 La Cofradía de la Santísima Trinidad was established to assist the Catholic community during such a period.  Their efforts and the efforts of many other similar groups helped to maintain and sustain this great faith during difficult times.

Today la Cofradía is still an active organization made up of men who assist the church in many ways.  The members of La Cofradía (currently 36 in all) are dedicated in honor of the Holy Trinity.  We meet on the first Sunday of each month at 1:00 pm, from August through April.  Our meetings are held at La Capilla de La Santísima Trinidad are located behind the Holy Cross School playground, across from what used to be Vic's.  We pray usng the same Rezos and Alabados that our founders did, and we do whatever we can to assist our Church.  We dedicate ourselves to strengthening our families and catholic community; may of us belong to other ministries as well.  As a "Cofadista", one is inspired to grow in faith.  Most who become members are members for life.

To become a member of La Cofradía de La Santísima Trinidad, you must have received your sacraments.  You must be in good standing with the Church and be at least 18 years old.  As is tradition, all of our activities are conducted in Spanish including our prayers and songs.

While we take a break from our regular meetings during the summer months, we are often called to pray a rosary for deceased members of the community.  We also work on the capilla to keep it in shape; we help set up the booths for the Bazaar and may help vrious individuals and groups as needed.

If you are interested in learning more about La Cofradía, you can ask one of our members to sponsor you.  You can call Fred Velarde (President) at 505-753-8265 or Steven Jaramillo  (Vice President) at 505-753-6086.  Or, you  can go to one of our meetings; introduce yourself, and join us in praying the Rosary (which we do before each meeting), and then together with the membership both can decide if La Cofradía is a ministry, for you.  Thank you.



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