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The Acolyte ministry started at Holy Cross in 1981 for two primary reasons.  One was to provide young men with an opportunity to serve the mass especially as older altar servers transition out.  As altar servers became teenagers they often times became uncomfortable up on the altar.  Seeing young men up there with them, it was thought, would re-assure them that it was good to be there.  The second reason was simply because our Priests needed help with this growing Parish of ours.

Our church is the only church in the archdiocese that has acolytes, although we are not ordained acolytes.

Our ministry has the primary function of serving much like a master of ceremony would at a function.  That is, to keep the mass flowing, so that the Priests could concentrate on the Mass itself.  We make sure that there are Lectors, Commentators, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, and Altar servers for each mass or at least assure that these vital functions are covered, sometimes by the Acolytes themselves.

As young and not so young men anymore, we also are called upon to help with different activities throughout the year as needed.

We have a strong brotherhood, one in which we can share our passion for the mass and our love for our church amongst ourselves.  Many of us have developed close friendships that tie us together with a common bond.  We pray together, adore together, and worship together.

The only requirement is that you are in good standing with the church.  If you think you would like to join us in our ministry, feel free to contact any of us Acolytes for more information.

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